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The Rios are Starboard’s entry-level all-round boards

They are equally good at providing stability for beginners, followed by glide and power for progressing windsurfers to get planing smoothly.

The all-new 2016 models are our best and most advanced entry-level board in the world.

The new 2016 shapes take the ratio of glide, traction and stability to a new level. With thinner bat wings, drag is reduced and glide improved.

With boxier rails, stability is improved and the flat area of the deck around the mast track is larger.

With the contoured deck shape, the board remains the easiest board in the world to get into the footstraps.

It features a new daggerboard system using Starboard's Clipperbox system with a new replaceable and ultra durable rubber lips system. The daggerboard itself is new, with an integrated handle.

The new Rio S is longer for added glide and longitudinal traction.

(1) NEW! Longer nose with a longer, lower rocker – for more longitudinal stability and more glide

(2) Soft EVA deck covering 3/4 of the board

(3) NEW! Long, wide outlines with extra volume in the rail midsection for additional stability

(1) NEW! Clipperbox daggerboard system, new daggerboard with integrated handle

(2) NEW! Thinner bat wings: at low speeds, the water flows over the wings and helps to reduce drag

(3) Tail cutaways improve speed and acceleration

(4) Multiple insert positions offer tuning options for entry level, intermediate and advanced riders

(5) Contour deck makes it easier than ever to get into the footstraps. Extra-wide tail offer easier and earlier planing

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RIO S (187 liter, 276 cm x 78 cm) 12.6 kg

RIO M (192 liter, 290 cm x 81 cm) 13.2 kg

RIO L (231 liter, 302 cm x 86 cm) 14.8 kg

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