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The winning design of the KS3 is now joined with one of history's all time favorites the Spiderlock® from over 20 years ago!

Based off the KS3 size, shape and concept, this sail required no development other than totally new construction techniques developed by Jeff and the Maui team. The feeling is like surfing without a sail at all, but with turbo power on command.

The stunning thing about this version of the KS3 is you can see EVERYTHING all the time. The exclusively developed Spider UHMWPE web reinforced monofilm panel opens the whole wave into your view in beautiful clarity. This web also helps preserve the clarity of the monofilm as the film never rubs on itself when rolled up as the webbing is higher than the film.

Not only is the sail material new, but the batten system is completely revolutionary. The Interweave® batten system developed by Jeff Henderson eliminates 2/3s of the traditional batten pocket as you know it. Only the tapered section of the batten with the foil shape remains in a conventional pocket. The rest of the batten is woven from one side of the sail to the other to maintain shape and smoothness across the sail. Interweave® eliminates material, sand, dirt and water from the sail and is lighter.

With our lightweight OX Webbing sleeve that is nearly indestructible, even a broken mast in the sail will not damage this new .055 mm thick amazing fabric.

The KSSpider is the now the lightest and direct sail in our line, taking over from the KS3. The new construction not only reduces weight, but it has made reaction time much quicker and makes the sail respond instantly. It is also our best wave sail for larger sailors who now can use large size wave sails in heavy surf with no drawbacks

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