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Enjoy a classic wave riding style in anything from big hollow surf to small mushy waves. The U-Surf shatters the myths that only narrow boards turn. An aggressive squash tail gives flawless release, for a purist's board with a distinctive appearance. Snappy and manoeuvrable, the wide tail holds a carve in any conditions the perfect balance point for a true surfboard feeling. Following on from a long line of universal wave tools, the U-Surf possesses the early planing and upwind abilities you'd expect from Exocet. And, in your harsh environment, our famous Double Density Shock Absorbers shield damage and impact from even the biggest airs. Hefty demand's meant we've added a silky 62 litres model to round off the 4-board range. U-Surf. Feel the sensation. Volumen: 68 liter lang: 225 cm Breed: 56 cm Gewicht: 5,4kg

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