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2016 Hotsailsmaui Freestyle Pro


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Freestyle is the youngest discipline in windsurfing and continues to develop at an astonishing rate. The Freestyle Pro has been developed in conjunction with our successful pro freestyle team of Bjorn Saragoza, Steven Max and Paul Zeper. Our team wanted a sail specifically designed to take their action to a new and higher level. This progressive and dedicated freestyle sail has been designed with new school freestyle moves such Culos, Konos and new moves currently being developed, in mind. Our no compromise design philosophy enabled us to concentrate on easier ducking and instant power to lift the rider higher while delivering drive and control needed for the second and third rotations.

"The Freestyle Pro is super light, easily controllable and just a perfect freestyle sail. It is almost like it knows what you want to do and does it with almost no effort from your part. It stays up right, even without you holding it and looks magnificent. What more could you wish for in a sail? I have been sailing with it for quite a while now and it is just perfect, or as close to perfect as can be!
If you prefer a heavy and hard to use sail then get something else, but if not then definitely get the sail that I use and love!" - Steven Max ARU-888, 2013 Youth Freestyle World Champion.

"On the water the Freestyle Pro is like a feather; setting up for moves is so easy with this super light and direct sail. As soon as you start ducking the Freestyle Pro, the top of the sail flattens, making it super easy to control. The tight leech helps you to stay in control and then the real fun starts when you push out for a Skopu or Burner, immediate air is guaranteed as you get lifted HIGH! After landing your first rotation the sail helps you to keep speed and it is almost impossible NOT do a second rotation." - Paul Zeper, H115

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SizeLuffBoomIdeal Mast# of BattensWeight (LB)Weight (KG) 
3.6 359 144 340 4 5.4 2.4  
4.0 393 145 370 4 5.5 2.5  
4.4 411 153 400 4 5.7 2.6  
4.8 427 161 400 4 6.1 2.8  
5.2 431 169 400 4 6.4 2.9  
5.6 440 176 430 4 6.8 3.1


  • 4 battens
  • Monofilm construction for lightweight and direct feel
  • Reduced mast sleeve weight
  • Lightweight Crumple Zone
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