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Witchcraft Shaman


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Meerprijs bij CBC of HDD uitvoering

Volumes : 64/68/72/76/80/84/88/92/96/100/105/110/115

Board worden nu standaard geleverd met Pretwisted CNC fins

For 2015 we have added a 3rd construction, CBC (Custom Biaxial Carbon) since it was getting quite popular amongst our custom boards customers. Available on all production boards, CBC offers a lighter board with a good balance between weight, durability, impact resistance and nice crisp feeling (though not too stiff).
CBC: Custom layed up Biaxial Carbon (40%) + quadaxial-E-glass- Dyneema (8%)- epoxy-Single-Double-Triple sandwich.
Made with Aviation grade carbon UD, custom layed up to build a bi and tri-directional carbon with an optimized fibre orientation on deck and bottom, overlapping on the rails. The nose area is made with quad-axial high grade, tight woven E-glass for better flex and impact properties.

The Shaman is our new on shore biased wave shape. It´s high performance board, fast and loose. The shape is shorter and wider with a flatter rocker and the straps, fins and mast box a bit further back. The shorter length and double concave bottom shape make it handle chop remarkably well. The speed, up wind ability, together with the width and short length makes this an excellent jumping board for doing the wildest aerial rotations. It still has our trade mark hard rails in the back half of the board, making it grippy when you tear up the smallest of waves at high speeds, no need to hold back because the board is on the edge of breaking out all the time. It also makes the board can handle up to medium-large sized waves remarkably well.
Keep the board flat and it does become easy to make a sliding top turn in the foam or throw out a taka or other freestyle moves on the wave.
Windsurf UK tested the Shaman 80 in Tenerife: 
The Shaman is an all-new offering from Witchcraft for 2013. Designed specifically as an on-shore wave board, it shares design features from both the Chakra (FSW) and Wave (full-on wave) models. Available in a broad range of sizes in either standard or HD (heavy duty) constructions, which they to be the most durable on the market.
A very compact out-line, at just 221 long with the trademark Witchcraft rounded, wide nose but with a squared-off squashtail. The deck is fairly flat and comes with quality footpads. The ProLimit footstraps do take a bit of getting used to as they are quite large and solid, but once you do they’re super comfy. Underneath it has a fairly flat rocker profile with some nose kick and the hull features a combination of Vee into double concaves. The Thruster fin set up, Witchcraft’s speciality, comprises of a 15.5cm US Cox centre fin and two 13.5 Mini Tuttle box fins – each set with 5mm of toe-in.
At rest the stability is good due to the volume packed into the short overall length. It gets going very quickly off the mark and the position of the sailing stance gives a very connected feel to the board. On a wave it turns super quick and generates heaps of speed through every turn. The fins grip extremely hard - it feels like you’re turning on the rails, so there’s never any sign of slide. Even if you bust out the fins at the top, it very quickly regains traction so you can wind it up into the next bottom turn. There’s good top speed that can be put to good use when it comes to launching jumps and the short shape is easy to throw around in the air. 
The Witchcraft Shaman is an awesome on-shore wave board and also a very capable all-rounder. It can make the most of even the smallest and weakest waves and is a lot of fun to ride. If you ride a lot of on-shore or choppy conditions and want to really tear them up, this is the board for you.

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